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Chatham Garden Club, Inc., PO Box 392, Chatham MA 02633.

October 2019 General Meeting

Photos from Left:

1. Madonna Hitchcock's Fall Centerpiece.

2. Beth Taylor introducing Speaker Jamie Bassett.

3.Fall Blooms collected from Donna Maiocca's garden.  Credit: Jen Stello.

General Membership Meeting   October 15, 2019

Opening Comments from CGC President, Liz Scheld

The meeting was called to order at 1:00.  Liz Scheld, President of the Chatham Garden Club, presided.  Thanks were extended to the members of this month’s hospitality service.  Two visiting guests were introduced to the membership.  A special thanks was given to Donna Maiocca for the horticulture table which was prepared for today’s meeting.  Many of the lovely floral arrangements came directly from Donna’s garden. The November meeting will be held on November 19th.  At 10:00 a.m. there will be a wreath-making workshop for registered attendees.  Greta Ribb will conduct the workshop and will be the featured speaker.  The workshop will be followed by the regular Chatham Garden Club meeting with hospitality at 12:30 and regular meeting commencement at 1:00.

Liz Scheld issued a reminder for this year’s holiday luncheon.  Signup is still in progress and a firm count is required by November 12th.   The luncheon will be held a Wequessett Resort on Tuesday, December 3rd.

Finance Report- Jacquie Crimins

Jacquie Crimins provided a brief financial report with updated checking and savings account balances.   Recent payments issued by the Treasurer include the Dollars for Scholars scholarship and payment for the September luncheon.

Committee Presentations

Cursory overview presentations were given by each committee lead.  The purpose of this review was to help membership know and recognize the respective committee chairperson(s), understand the mission of each team, and to identify participation needs and solicit new committee members.

Hospitality:  This team is responsible for coordination of tea sandwiches and sweets which are supplied prior to seven monthly meetings.  Chairpersons will make calls to ensure that those who sign up for a particular month can indeed honor commitments made or provide substitutes as needed.

Membership:  This role ensures that name tags are available and handed out, as well as collected, at monthly meetings.

Photography:  This position ensures that fund-raising activities, food, flower arrangements, speakers and activities are well documented via photographs.  The photos, in turn, are leveraged for publicity and newsletters to document and promote club membership.  

Programs:  The chair role for this committee is an intrinsic part of the job of the Chatham Garden Club 1st Vice President.  It currently rests with Beth Taylor.  The program committee is always interested in ideas from members who have been in other garden clubs or who have suggestions for upcoming agendas.  Club members who have particular areas of expertise are also welcome to act as speakers.   Beth’s role will end in May and a new volunteer for 1st Vice President is needed.  A volunteer to take over maintenance of the Chatham Garden Club website was also solicited.  Additionally, yearbook compilation is handled by this role.  Currently this task has been organized so that only new additions and changes need to be captured and proofread.   Proofreading volunteers are also being sought.

Scholarship:  This committee reviews applicants and selects the recipient of the yearly Chatham Garden Club scholarship.   The Scholarship Committee has chosen to work with Dollars for Scholars. This organization finds a recipient who is continuing studies in areas such as horticulture, environmental studies, or landscape design. The committee works to give publicity to CGC's scholarship and its recipient. 

Special Events:  Included in this committee’s purview are such events as the ‘Welcome Back’ September meeting, or Cinco de Mayo fund raiser.   Additional participants are needed.

Ways and Means:  This committee focuses on annual fundraisers.  Examples include “Movie Night”, the Hydrangea Festival, Spring Soirees, or the Holiday Swag sale during the December Stroll.

Publishing:  The essential mission of this team is to ‘share what you love about the club’.   They interface with the Cape Cod Chronicle and other media as appropriate.   Distribution of flyers to local merchants, agencies, organizations or churches is also handled by this group.

Horticulture:  This committee is looking for ideas and additional participants.

Conservation:  Liz Scheld will serve as facillitator this year as the committee is currently lacking a chair.  The Conservation Committee may team up with the Program Committee for workshops or trip offerings.


Presentation- “Kelp Farming on Cape Cod” (Jamie Bassett)

Today’s speaker was Jamie Bassett, a Chatham native who has found multiple ways to make a living from the sea.  The lecture was relative to his latest venture; growing seaweed in the waters off our coast.  (Go to www.chathamkelp.com for photos.)



The next meeting of the Chatham Garden Club is scheduled for Tuesday, November 19th.     


Respectfully submitted,

Debra Cody

Co-Recording Secretary

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